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NbuExplorer V2 6 Zip

nfb: nbu (nokia backup copy) is a nokia backup file, also known as backup copy format. when nbu files were first introduced, they were named nokia backup copy. some phones supported the back copy format which seems to be a very poor name. however, with the recent updates to the nokia backup copy format specification, the name was changed to nbu. while nbu files still have a backup copy capabilities, the nbu format file does not have an actual copy, but a list of files to be backed up. since the specification was standardized on nokia devices, other manufacturers have been slow to adopt to the changes and the name was changed, rather than abandon the format. some of the changes from the back copy format include: adding "b" to the format, the addition of headers, and the removal of the boot code. this last change is very beneficial for the mobile phone format, which will allow for the use of certain tools that would be impossible to use on the nbu format. any device that supports the nbu format also supports the nbu zips as well. nbu zips are just an extension to the nbu format that provides extra information that can help with recovering data from the backup. this extension is then stored along with the nbu information in the nbu zip archive. while phones and storage options have changed over the years, the nbu format stands the test of time for having changed less than any other nokia backup file format. nbu format has remained virtually unchanged since its introduction, and is one of nokia's most important backup formats. you can read more about the format in the nbu wikipedia article.

NbuExplorer v2 6 zip



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