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World Vision began working in Ethiopia in 1971. Responding to the historic famine, World Vision airdropped food into drought-plagued communities three years before the famine hit television screens. In fact, the BBC journalists traveled in a World Vision Twin Otter plane to witness the scenes of famine they filmed for the news report in October 1984 that launched international support.


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Air traffic control tried to contact the pilots multiple times, but could not get ahold of them, the aviation news site reported. When the pilots flew past the landing point, autopilot disengaged, setting an alarm that woke them up.

Conclusion: The findings indicate the complexity of communication-related preferences concerning breaking bad news in oncology care in Ethiopia. It requires oncologists to probe patient attitudes before information disclosure to find a balance between involving patients in communication at the same time as keeping a constructive alliance with family caregivers.

The ENA's inception dates back to 1942, when a news distribution service was opened as part of the Press Department, which was within the Press and Information Bureau. In 1943, the service became called Agence Direction, and was under the Ministry of Pen[1] (Tsehafi Tae'zaz in Amharic). It can be argued that it was the first national wire service in Africa, as no other African country had an indigenous service of the kind, due to colonialism, wherein social, political and economic institutions were established by, and made to serve, the interests of the colonial powers.[citation needed] Agence Direction closed in 1947 due to budget constraints in the Ministry of Pen.[2]

In 1954, Emperor Haile Selassie was embarking on a world tour and Agence Direction reopened so that Ethiopia could receive news of the tour.[3] There was no further significant development in the next 10 years, except for a few attempts at expanding the service locally.

Beginning in late 1963, Agence Direction began to make its presence felt among the public through newspapers and radio broadcasting. Its name was changed to Ethiopian News Source in 1964, then to its present name of Ethiopian News Agency in 1967.[4]

In an environment where the roles between ethnic, political and media actors are so blurred, it is little wonder that the framing of news stories is not a role that journalists play with no undue external influence. According to the report, the Ethiopian media uses the approaches of annihilation and othering to frame stories.

And yet both Dr Mulatu and Sörensen agree that a divided news ecosystem could lead Ethiopia to live in a vicious cycle of polarisation and the situation could even force the government to withdraw some of the freedoms that the media has gained.

Sörensen, his organization and their various partners are now trying to educate more journalists in the country about the dangers of the ethnification of the news media. By late February, some of their partners had held two major events in the cities of Addis Ababa and Bahir Dar, both of which were built around this theme.

OMG. I have been waiting for this news for more than 30 years. Having lived in Atlanta for the last 30 years and having to make ridiculous connections through out Europe and Africa it is Awesome gift to the City of Atlanta and Southeastern United States. The beauty of this gift is that it arrived three-days after our orthodox Christmas. You know what I will take anyways. I am booking my flight for June right away, I know it going to be Sold Out!!Wubesht

Great news for all Ethiopian and African passengers - including myself. I had bought a rocket already to Fly Ethiopian from Chicago. Cancelation on the works to book from ATL. Kudos Ethiopian! We missed the homey services with smile that no airline can match! 041b061a72


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