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Hash Suite Pro Cracked Rib

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Hash Suite Pro Cracked Rib

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The Berkshire Independent Hospital is one of Berkshire's leading private hospitals with an excellent reputation for delivering high quality healthcare treatments and services. The hospital, built in 1993 has 43 individual patient rooms all with en suite facilities

As I mentioned, I used a suite upgrade to move up from a standard room to a Big Sur Suite, the base suite at the property. We were assigned room 48, which was located on the ground level of a two-floor building.

The room was rustic, with wood accents and a fireplace. My wife loved the design while I found it fine (I tend to prefer a more modern/minimalist look). But it was very trendy indeed. The suite did not have a separate living room, but was 619 square feet and included:

Breakfast was a treat, with flaky pastries, fresh fruit, and tasty dishes like Chia seed breakfast bowl, Greek yogurt parfait, roasted chicken hash (my personal favorite), avocado toast, bagels and lox, French Toast, and a squash frittata.


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