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What to Wear for Your Hawaii Senior Shoot?

High school seniors on Oahu face one of the most exciting moments of their lives. Yet, amidst everything from college applications to upcoming graduation, there's an important question that niggles at the back of every senior's mind — "What on earth do I wear for my senior shoot?" Megan Moura Photography has you covered. But first, forget the usual advice.

Unlike most, Megan Moura isn't going to tell you to stick to neutrals or classic black and white — not for senior portraits. Oahu has a backdrop that is far too rich with color. Think about the environment you'll be in: lush greens, oceanic blues, and the warm gold of a Pacific sunset. These vibrant tones will make you pop against the natural canvas. Remember, the focus is you; these colors will complement without overpowering. 

Senior shoots are about highlighting your unique personality. Comfort is essential, but comfort doesn't mean you must ditch style. Flowing sundresses for ladies and lightweight linen for gentlemen are cool and casual choices, allowing you to move freely while keeping that polished look intact. Megan's work captures the essence of movement and natural flow, so selecting clothing that reflects this adds an authentic dynamic.

Don't shy away from layers to add depth and interest to your photos. A light kimono or an unbuttoned chambray shirt over your outfit can easily transition you from one scene to the next without a complete outfit change. On a more personal level, these layers can come from textures that mean something to you — a cherished knitted shawl or the leather jacket that's seen you through highs and lows. These physical and emotional layers can bring richness to your imagery.

In your excitement to style for success, remember to avoid small patterns that can become distorted in photos. While bright colors are fantastic, neon hues can do your skin tone no favors. Instead, think about pastels or jewel tones that can be vibrant without being harsh. Also, consider your location, especially if there's a sudden need to hike through the jungle to that sweet waterfall spot; your stilettos might make a powerful beach statement, but they're not practically suitable. 

When in doubt, Megan Moura's philosophy is simple—be true to yourself. Your senior shoot is a chance to encapsulate yourself at this pivotal moment. Be natural, vibrant, and, most importantly, comfortable. Remember, this isn't just about photos; it's about the memories you'll cherish forever. Megan Moura Photography is ready to capture your essence—be prepared to show it, wear it, and own it.

In the timeless frames of your Hawaii senior portraits, you want to look back with both pride and nostalgia. Megan Moura recognizes this and aims to elevate every aspect of your senior shoot — from clothing to locations to the perfect lighting. Reach out and book your senior shoot today with Megan Moura Photography. Remember, these Oahu scenes are once-in-a-lifetime, but with the right wardrobe, the moments they encapsulate in your senior portraits can be forever stunning.



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