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Tong Ling Fei Episode 1 !LINK!

The episode started with Qian Yun Xi complaining that nothing good happened since she married Ye Wang. She complained about being banished into the Cold Palace (Serene Pavilion) and then being treated as an assassin. Riceball treated her coldly, saying she got what she deserved and suggested that it would have been better for her if she stayed at the Ling Yun Mountains. Yun Xi retorted that Riceball abandoned her the night she was sneaking to the kitchen, earning Riceball a punch in the face by her. In order for Riceball to be forgiven, he has to do a favor for Yun Xi, which was simply pushing her on the swing.

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The height of the capping inversion layer, or the top of the residual layer (RL), is another critical height that differentiates the lowest part of atmosphere from the free atmosphere (see Stull 1988, Fig. 1.7). As the RL typically forms in the late afternoon, decoupled from the mixing layer, it also contains more aerosols than the free atmosphere. Thus, the height with the largest decrease in aerosol concentration may actually be related to an RL, zRL, which may be above the zi. Given the location, depth, and number of RLs impact the degree of radiative cooling (Blay-Carreras et al. 2014), it is an important characteristic of the lower atmosphere. In this paper, zi refers to the height with a large decrease of aerosol concentration, but it is replaced with zRL if there is sufficient evidence to indicate that it is zRL rather than zi.

Given the success of the S-IC method, other ceilometers installed across Shanghai will be analyzed to understand more about the spatial dynamics of the zi across a megacity and to investigate in more detail the effects of prevailing mesoscale circulations. 041b061a72


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