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Nch Express Invoice Keygen 12

NCH Express Invoice 12: A Review

NCH Express Invoice 12 is the latest version of the invoicing software developed by NCH Software, a company that specializes in audio, video, business, and other software solutions. Express Invoice 12 is designed to help small businesses and freelancers create and manage invoices, quotes, and orders easily and efficiently. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of Express Invoice 12, as well as some of the drawbacks and limitations.


Features and Benefits

Express Invoice 12 has a number of features that make it a useful and convenient tool for invoicing. Some of these features are:

  • Customizable invoices: You can choose from a variety of professional invoice templates, or create your own with your logo, heading text, notes, and more. You can also save or send invoices as PDF files, print them, or email or fax them directly from the application.

  • Recurring invoices: You can schedule recurring invoices for regular customers, and automate sending frequency and reminders. This can save you time and hassle, as well as ensure timely payments.

  • Multiple businesses: You can use Express Invoice 12 to manage invoicing for multiple businesses, each with its own settings and preferences. You can also switch between businesses easily with a simple click.

  • Sync between devices: You can sync your data between your desktop and your mobile device, using the Express Invoice app for Android or iOS. This allows you to access your invoices on the go, and generate invoices offline if the internet is unavailable.

  • Reporting and analysis: You can generate various reports to keep track of your payments, overdue accounts, sales team performance, taxes, and more. You can also export your data to Excel or other formats for further analysis.

  • Integration with other software: You can integrate Express Invoice 12 with other NCH Software products, such as Inventoria for inventory management, Copper for point of sale, or WavePad for audio editing. This can help you streamline your workflow and improve your productivity.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Express Invoice 12 is not without its flaws and challenges. Some of the drawbacks and limitations of Express Invoice 12 are:

  • Pricing and licensing: Express Invoice 12 is not free software. You can download a free version for home users or businesses with one user, but it has limited features and does not expire. To access the full features of Express Invoice 12, you need to purchase a license for $59.95 per user. Moreover, you may need to purchase an upgrade if you want to use the current version after six months. This can be costly and inconvenient for some users.

  • User interface and design: Express Invoice 12 has a simple and intuitive user interface, but it may look outdated and bland for some users. The design and layout of the invoices are also not very customizable, and may not suit every business's style and branding.

  • Customer support and documentation: Express Invoice 12 has a help menu that provides basic information and instructions on how to use the software. However, the documentation is not very detailed or comprehensive, and may not answer all the questions or issues that users may have. The customer support is also limited to email or online form, which may not be very responsive or helpful.


Express Invoice 12 is a powerful and easy-to-use invoicing software that can help small businesses and freelancers create and manage invoices, quotes, and orders efficiently. It has many features and benefits that can save time and hassle, as well as improve cash flow and profitability. However, it also has some drawbacks and limitations that may affect its performance and suitability for some users. Therefore, it is advisable to try the free version first before purchasing a license, and compare it with other invoicing software options available in the market.


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